The Secret of Marriage


One of Mike's comedy strengths is improvising and working with the audience.  Here's an example where he asks an older couple to impart their wisdom about marriage to the rest of the crowd....... Taped at the Comedy Connection in Portland.


Snow Plow Man

A Snow Plow guy in Lowell Mass. (5 miles from Mike's house) recently got fired for plowing maniacly over cars and taking out store front windows,.. all while screaming snow-jockey hate at his customers.  Of course the genius taped himself and posted the carnage on the web,....  So Mike wrote this song about when Snow Plow guys go bad......and it morphed into an animation.... after all, who needs another love song?

St. Patricks Day Breakfast 2014

Don't believe SORRY, because the video works.  

CLICK "WATCH ON VIMEO" in blue and it will take you to a longer format video of Mike performing with Senator Eileen Donaghue and the Mass. Attorney General Martha Coakley in a more challenging setting for comedy-- A St. Patricks Day breakfast.  So pay No Attention to the word "SORRY" and click

WATCH ON VIMEO and it'll take you right to the video

 Smoking in a Club

Here Mike has what should be a very simple exchange with an audience member about cigarettes ...